With Father's Day right around the corner, a lot of people are reminiscing about their favorite memories of their dad.  So many of them involve the Bills.

Who doesn't have a memory of their dad that involves the Bills?

Some were great memories...some were awful.  But everybody has a memory that involves their dad and the Bills.  From heartwarming stories of dads that taught their kids the shout song to dads that gave up talking from 1pm on Sunday to Monday morning.  Dads and The Bills go hand in hand.

When I was growing up, my dad was a Bills fan.  He's the one that got me into football at all.  We wouldn't miss a single game.  If they were on TV, we were watching it.  We had our own snack that we ate for just about every game.  It was Club crackers with sharp cheddar and sweet gherkins.  I know...it was strange.  But it was ours.  And by the way, it's delicious.

The only time we weren't both cheering for The Bills was when they played the Kansas City Chiefs.  My dad grew up in Wichita, Kansas and was a Chiefs fan for most of his life.  It was awkward to hear him cheering for another team.   I mean, how in the world could anyone cheer for Christian Okoye and NOT Thurman Thomas?  But you had to respect his loyalty. That was the only time we weren't on the same team.

My dad passed away 14 years ago. So now I watch the game alone.  But I still have our same snack every week...just to have a piece of him with me while I watch.

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