Father’s Day is generally a happy day to show appreciation to the dads in our lives. It’s filled with gifts, outings, and old-fashioned quality time to show our father-figures how much we love them. 

But for so many, whenever Father’s Day rolls around, it can be emotionally tough- especially for those who have lost their dad or grew up without one. 

One local man took matters into his own hands (or, rather, arms) and set out to do something for those who needed a little extra love this Father’s Day.

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Buffalo, New York Man Offers Free Hugs On Father’s Day

A post on the Buffalo’s subreddit website got a lot of attention over the weekend, with dozens of comments and reactions from local users. 

Men hugging

Local reddit user viddytheshow started off his post, 

“It’s Father’s day, I’m a dad, I could use a hug (or a whole lot of them), and I’m betting some of you out there would like one, too.”

He continued, putting his plan into action.

“I'll be downtown at Roosevelt Plaza (the triangle inside of Main, Huron, and Genesee) on Sunday at about 1pm. Easy whether parking or on transit. I figure I'll stay there for an hour or two, depending on whether anyone shows up or not.

I'm tall, big, bearded, white, wear glasses, and will have a baseball cap on. You can't miss me. You'll find me on or near one of the benches, probably playing cribbage on my phone or something.”

The final paragraph was the most honest and heartwarming part of his Father’s Day post. 

“I don't give a rip about your color, age, gender, politics, or whatever. Whoever you are, whatever's going on in your life, just show up, outstretch your arms, and get a big, warm hug. Say something or nothing at all, if you like.

Whether you are one or not, whether you have one or not, Happy Father's Day, Buffalo.”

Come get a dad hug for Dad Day, if you want one
by u/viddytheshow in Buffalo

At first, several comments were skeptical, making jokes and assuming that this guy was up to no-good. 

by u/mikemikemike6 from discussion Come get a dad hug for Dad Day, if you want one
in Buffalo

But once the post was edited to show that he had actually shown up to Roosevelt Plaza to fulfill his promise, sentiments began to change. Comment after comment applauded the “Buffalove” that this man was offering. 

by u/honeybeedreams from discussion Come get a dad hug for Dad Day, if you want one
in Buffalo

“I’m not in Buffalo, but if I was, I’d come get a dad hug from you! Haven't had one in 41 years, it’d be cool to get one.”

by u/DragonsOverhead from discussion Come get a dad hug for Dad Day, if you want one
in Buffalo

“I really wish I could go but omg, here's some virtual hugs *hug hug* <3 Thank you for thinking of others, you're very sweet.”

by u/Altruistic_Hurry_389 from discussion Come get a dad hug for Dad Day, if you want one
in Buffalo

“As someone who lost my estranged father about a year ago, this brought tears to my eyes. I can’t make it today, but thank you regardless ❤️”

Did Anyone Show Up To GIve This Buffalo Man A Hug?


According to the edits on his original post, it looks like a few local residents actually did show up to Roosevelt Plaza to cash in on this man’s offer of a Father’s Day hug, and he was extremely grateful. 

“EDIT AGAIN: Taking off to be with my family! To those who came out, thank you so very much for the hugs. This was wonderful, and I just might do it again someday. Make good choices, my friends, and always take good care of yourselves and the people around you.”

Buffalo Really Is The City Of Good Neighbors

It’s easy to feel cynical when someone does something nice out of the blue for no apparent reason at all. 

We’re choosing to believe that this particular local guy had the best intentions, and truly just wanted to give back to those who needed some love in our community. 

It’s just one more prime example of why Buffalo, New York is, after all, “The City of Good Neighbors.”

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