Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there! Father's Day is here and if you are looking to celebrate with music, there is one song that I would suggest you take a listen to. It is without question, the single greatest song about dad ever written.

Think about all the things you have learned from dad over the years. Good advice. Perhaps, bad advice? Dad has been at the forefront of helping you make decisions or being mad at you for the decisions you made. But, deep down, dad was trying and, hopefully, was doing everything out of love.

As dads, we have a responsibility that comes in the form of many "jobs". There is a new study that is highlighted below showing how much a dad in 2023 could make if he was paid for the things that he does for the family. But the song, "That's My Job", by the late Conway Twitty, is the ultimate way to show what a dad's biggest jobs are.

I have four kids at home and I doubt if I could ever get through hearing this song without crying!

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 18th. If you ask most dads, a day of grilling and golf may be ideal. However, speaking for myself as a dad with four kids, I like the idea of a few hours of alone time to just fidget around the house and a good beer or wine at the end of the day. Nothing fancy. Just a little peace and quiet.

The truth is, most dads wear a lot of hats around the house. Traditionally, dad was the bread winner and disciplinarian. Fast forward to today and many dads are staying home with the kids as mom is the one who "brings home the bacon". Dads are becoming more involved in things around the house than generations before but what should that amount to in terms of a paycheck?

According to a new report, dads still wouldn't match the pay a mom would get.

Insure.com reports that:

Salaries are rising for many U.S. wage earners, and that includes American fathers. Dad’s 2023 “salary” in the last year jumped 4.8% to $54,996 from $52,474, according to an analysis by Insure.com. The increase keeps Dad’s earnings in line with current inflation of about 5% in April.

A previous Mother's Day article said that moms would be earning more than $133-thousand for all they do.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! I am what they may consider an "older dad". My wife and I welcomed our first baby girl just a month ago and at 45 years old, I couldn't be more proud. I lived an incredible life before kids. I hit all the parties, put a ton of work in to my career and did things that many people would only dream of doing. However, the best part of my life started with our first child in 2016 when I was 38 and I wouldn't have done it any other way!

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