Jane Fonda is back with a workout video that not only will get you in shape but will also encourage you to exercise your franchise.

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Election day is only a few weeks away and no matter your pick, there can always be some fun behind voting. Jane Fonda has been known for her workout videos from decades ago. You probably recognize the leg warmers in the video? She has teamed up with other celebrities for a virtual exercise video.

Just about everywhere you go, you can find someone encouraging you to vote or reminding you how to vote. November 3rd is going to be the big day for in person voting. But many seem to be choosing the mail in vote this time around. The COVID-19 pandemic has many people wanting to stay away from gatherings. With that said, there is no excuse for a person who is registered to vote, not to vote.

The best part of this election season may be the videos like this one and the lawn signs that offer alternative candidates like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs! My father was teach of American History and our right to vote was something that he held ini high regard. He would take us to the voting booth with him and show us how it all worked. I even got to pull the curtain lever when we got to the polling place!

There are still many ways to show your kids how to vote and why we are voting. Things are so much different than when I was going with my dad. But what makes us Americans and our right to vote has not.

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