In the words of someone who understands hate, "Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean?" The state of country music gets questions every few years about if its "country" anymore, but I don't remember hate being thrown around so much. The last feud I really remember was Natalie Maines v Toby Keith (Although there was little bump with Eric Church), and that's a shame because the Dixie Chicks were/are such talented group. This format is special because it's a giant family. From the singers to the fans to the's a family. If we lose that, we've lost what is so special about the country format.

Recently Zac Brown called out Luke Bryan's song, "That's My Kind Of Night." It seems now people are starting to choose sides and it's getting uncomfortable... Everyone is suppose to be friends not feuding. Jason Aldean has stepped up in defense of Luke and clearly drawn a line in the sand.... I'm hoping this can get worked out and everyone moves on and keeps the format special and sacred.

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