With a new show on Netflix, and some time on his hands, Rascal Flatts' band member Jay Demarcus, called the show!

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The new show is called "Demarcus Family Rules" and it is actually pretty good! I am not the biggest fan of reality TV shows. But knowing what we know about Jay as a country superstar, it is great to see what life is like when the he is not on the stage!

Rascal Flatts recently announced that they were going to be taking some time to themselves and their families after the 2020 tour had ended. Obviously COVID-19 has cut the tour short and the plan to get off the road happened sooner than they expected. With each guy going in his own direction, it gave Jay and his wife Allison some time to put together a show about their life.

I imagined that the show took it's own direction after they started to film it. Jay's wife, Allison, and her famiyl become a major focus of the show. Allison is a former Miss Tennessee and married Jay back in 2004. They met on the set of one of the Rascal Flatts' videos.

From an elaborate birthday party for their daughter to a camping out that was more like glamping, the show is easy to watch and great for a date night on the couch!

My wife and I binge watched the show in a night or two and are already looking forward to a second season. According to our conversation with Jay, they would love to continue the show and Netflix would make the call based on viewership demand.

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