Jelly Roll was at Darien Lake last night for a concert.  But it's what he did before the show that is giving people all the feels.

People who have never heard of Jelly Roll have no idea what this guy has been through.  He's struggled with addiction, he's been in jail, and has seen his fair share of trouble in his day.  But he's turning his life around now and doing everything he can to help lend a hand to others who need it along the way.

Jelly Roll plays Darien Lake

Last night, Jelly Roll was in down with his Backyard Baptism Tour 2023.  He brought some friends to town with Mercules and Struggle Jennings and put on an incredible show.  The place was packed!

But what a lot of people didn't see was what he did for a deserving young fan before the show.

Jelly Roll flies in early to meet a young fan

Kate Glaser shared a picture on her facebook page that shows you just how much Jelly Roll cares about his fans.  The picture is of him hugging a young fan before the show.  The look of compassion on his face as she stood up out of her wheelchair to hug him is staggering.
It's not often that you see artists who can make a connection like this with their fans.

Autumn has been fighting cancer for awhile now.  She is on her 3rd relapse and according to Kate, it was Jelly Roll's song "Save Me" that helped her make it through.

How incredible is it that he flew in early just to make sure he could be there for her?  Click here to see the reel of them meeting on Hope Rises.

Never judge a book by it's cover

You've heard the phrase before that you should never judge a book by it's cover.  Jelly Roll is a perfect example of that.  He's been through the mud, no question.  But he's coming out on the other side even better than he went in.

If you believe in prayer, say one for Autumn.  It sounds like she could use them.

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