President Reagan was shot outside the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington DC on March 30, 1981 in an attempted assassination. Fast forward 41 years and the person responsible is back in the news and some are saying it is a crime!

After the attempted assassination on President Reagan, there were some changes to gun laws across the United States. The "Brady Law" was introduced in the 1990's.

On November 30, 1993, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was enacted, amending the Gun Control Act of 1968. The Brady Law imposed as an interim measure a waiting period of 5 days before a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer may sell, deliver, or transfer a handgun to an unlicensed individual.

As we are seeing new gun legislation being passed at the federal level and here in New York State, the Capital Region in New York is preparing for a concert featuring John Hinkley, Jr.

John Hinckley Junior is planning to perform a concert but the date of the show and venue have not been announced yet.

It will be interesting to see if the show actually happens or if it will be deemed too much of a risk. Can you imagine what people would have thought of this back in the 1980's? Most would never have dreamed this would be a possibility.

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