Saturday was my day off and with the weather forecast looking so good, I had to put some miles on my Harley. My first order of business on Saturday was to pick up one of my pistols from my gunsmith. I had a trigger job done and had to take another pistol in to get a trigger job as well.

After I left my gunsmith's place, I headed out with no particular destination in mind. That's the really cool aspect of riding alone. I don't have to answer to anyone. I turn where I feel like turning, stop where I want to stop and stay for as long as I want to. When you ride in a group, you lose all those options.

My ride started in Erie county and soon I found myself in Wyoming county. Not long after that, I found myself going through Genesee county and soon after that I was in Orleans county. I had passed a few of those electronic time and temperature signs and most of them were fluctuating between 91 and 92 degrees. It was at that point I decided to head up to Lake Ontario. Soon I was crossing into Niagara County. I stopped in Olcott where the temperatures seemed much cooler with the lake breeze.

I ended up putting about 120 miles on the bike. A nice little afternoon ride for sure. Along the way I stopped into the Shelby Volunteer Fire Company to snap a photo of their sign. Seeing that my daughter''s name is Shelby, I am sure you understand the reason.

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