The Buffalo Bills won what was probably their most important regular season game in at least two years, yesterday against the New England Patriots by a score of 33-21.

The win moved the Bills back to first place in the AFC East at 9-6. The Patriots also have a 9-6 record, but the Bills hold the division record tiebreaker.

The Bills are also 4th in the AFC playoff standings. The chances of the number one seed are slim, and two will be tough, but if the Bills win the AFC East, they will likely be the three or four seed and host at least one playoff game at Highmark Stadium.

While social media went crazy with Bills Mafia mania on Sunday and into Monday morning, not everyone is happy the Bills beat New England. Most notably was famous rock band singer-songwriter, Jon Bon Jovi.

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Bon Jovi, along with a group from Toronto, tried to buy the Bills in 2014. That bid did not win out, and the team was sold to Terry and Kim Pegula.

Bon Jovi stated he would never come back to Buffalo after that and there have been a handful of instances that show how much he hates Buffalo for what happened in 2014. One of them took place yesterday, where Bon Jovi stated he was 'always' a Patriots fan.

Bon Jovi has long been regarded as a New York Giants fan, as he's from New Jersey.

This certainly looks like a dig at Buffalo and Bills Mafia and if you want some backstory on how much he hates Buffalo, here's a blurb from Bon Jovi, courtesy of Marcel Louis-Jacques, who used to cover the Bills for ESPN and now, covers the Miami Dolphins for ESPN.

My favorite part is that he "knocked it off the map," even though he clearly thinks about Buffalo and the Bills all the time, based on this tweet.

Buffalonians love the fact they live rent free in Jon's head.

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