The Buffalo Bills are about to play in what is by far the most important game of the 2021 regular season and the playoffs, as they will face their AFC arch nemesis, the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Kickoff is at 6:40 pm on CBS.

The Bills and Chiefs have the two most talented and exciting quarterbacks in the entire NFL, in Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, and this is certainly a playoff rematch that all fans around the NFL were looking forward to taking place.

There is so much excitement that even former Bills players, who are still CURRENT, NFL players are partying with Bills Mafia.

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Last Saturday, beloved former Bills starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick was seen cheering and screaming at the top of his lungs in the frigid Orchard Park weather...and oh by the way, he was shirtless.

Now, former Bills defensive tackle and current Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Jordan Phillips was caught tailgating with Bills Mafia at Arrowhead Stadium.

Phillips was even wearing a Star Lotulelei jersey, and said he wanted to cheer on his former teammates.

Phillips last played for the Bills during the 2019 season, and his final game was the playoff loss in Houston against the Texans in January of 2020.

Phillips was a fan favorite in Buffalo and it was because of his breakout NFL season in 2019 and his fun personality.

It's amazing that former Bills who are current NFL players, are partying with Bills Mafia. That is beyond cool.

Go Bills.

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