It's hard to believe that Josh Allen is entering his fifth season as Buffalo Bills quarterback. It seems like only yesterday that he was the lightning rod of controversy with the NFL Draft and Bills Mafia over his raw potential.

Allen was selected 7th overall by the Bills in the 2018 NFL Draft and after a rocky rookie season (which did show amazing flashes), he made great strides in 2019. Josh then made an incredible jump in year three to become one of the league's best quarterbacks and followed it up with a great 2021 season and perhaps the best two game stretch by a QB in NFL playoff history.

Allen is now 26 years old and it's reasonable to believe he has reached his ceiling as a player. But what if he hasn't? In fact, what if it's likely he hasn't?

It's only training camp, but Allen looked phenomenal by all accounts in practice on Wednesday morning. He was "dropping dimes" as many media members called it who watched him.

Allen didn't exactly see a ton of playing time at the University of Wyoming. He threw just 649 passes in three years at Wyoming, as opposed to Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, who threw over 1,000 passes at Alabama and Oklahoma.

Quarterback guru Jordan Palmer, who played in the NFL as a backup QB and is regarded as the premium for quarterback mentoring in football these days, called Josh the most talented and gifted QB he had ever seen. The sky was the limit on his potential.

It's reasonable to believe that Allen has not yet reached his ceiling as a prospect, which is a scary proposition for NFL defenses and their coordinators; especially if the Bills offense is motivated after the way things ended in January in Kansas City.

Brace yourself Bills Mafia, the best might be yet to come for Josh Allen.

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