The Buffalo Bills are already moved on from their 31-23 win in Detroit over the Cleveland Browns, and focusing once again on Detroit...this time the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving this Thursday.

The Bills are 7-3 and tied for the lead in the AFC East with the Miami Dolphins, although Miami currently has first place due to the head-to-head tiebreaker.

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The Bills win over the Browns was the tale of two halves: the ugly first half on both sides of the ball and the complete turn around in the second half.

What made the win more impressive was the sheer amount of adversity the Bills had to deal with this past week.

They had plenty of injuries and an illness that hit some of the locker room. It prevented the Bills from holding a normal practice early in the week. Then the historic lake effect snowstorm, which caused the game to be moved from Orchard Park to Detroit's Ford Field.

The Bills only had one normal practice and barely got out in time on Saturday for the game. In fact, many of the Bills players had to be helped out by Western New York residents, who dug them out of their homes and driveways and got them to One Bills Drive.

After the win over Cleveland, quarterback Josh Allen gave a shoutout to the team's staff who handled logistics to get them out in time and the fans who assisted.

Allen said the team needs to get the people of Buffalo "something nice."

"Pay those fans some fu**ing respect. Get them something nice man, treat them well, because that was fu**ing awesome to see," said Allen to his teammates after the win.

Allen was famously helped out by two neighbors in Hamburg, including Squirrel Winters, who is a local former. He's now a media sensation, after CBS mentioned him on the game broadcast.

City of Good Neighbors is right.

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