Buffalo Bills' Quarterback Josh Allen has been compared to a lot of other players during his time in Buffalo.  But now, one TV Host is taking the comparisons to a heavenly level.

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Coming out of college in 2018, Bills Quarterback Josh Allen was compared to NFL Quarterbacks Ben Rothlisberger for his size, athleticism, playmaking ability, and decision-making.  He was also compared to Carolina Panters' Quarterback Cam Newton for his huge arm, running, and ability to throw on the move and extend plays.

Pretty typical stuff for when it comes to comparing NFL players.  But one TV host has now compared Josh Allen to a higher power.

On Monday morning's edition of Good Morning Football on the NFL network, Kyle Brandt took things to a whole new level.

In the conversation about QBs Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady, if you fast forward to the 6-minute/10-second mark, you will get to the Allen comments.  Brandt, who is a Bears fan by nature but has recently won a place in the hearts of Bills Mafia, referenced the classic 90s Brad Pitt film "7", and then segued into his thoughts on Allen for the 2022 season.

If he turns out to be God himself on the football field and literally walks across water on the way to 70 Touchdowns, he might live up to our expectations...I wanna watch Josh Allen this year to see if the full powers are realized

Brandt went on to say that Allen is the..

Perfect weapon of size, arm strength, speed, and mental acuity...That's the kind of potential and ceiling I'm talking about with Josh Allen. The Most gifted quarterback maybe in league history.

It's not quite the Beatles saying that they were bigger than Jesus, but it elevates the expectations for Allen this year to another level.

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