As more and more people schedule and receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the pandemic as we know it is ever-changing, and hopefully, it's for the better in the coming weeks and months.

The NFL as of now will not require the COVID-19 vaccine, but they will be highly "incentivizing" the vaccine for its players.

For instance, certain restrictions will be lifted or loosened, along with certain privileges for players who are vaccinated and others who aren't. NBA players, who have similar incentives, who are vaccinated do not have to quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 and can dine out at restaurants with friends and family.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen was the most recent guest on Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt's "10 Questions" segment on Wednesday morning.

Most of the questions were lighthearted in nature, but the vaccine was mentioned at one point and Allen had some fairly strong comments on the vaccine and on the NFL at some point mandating the vaccine?

“I think everybody should have that do it or not to do it, said Allen. You get in this trick situation now where if you do mandate that... that’s kinda going against what our Constitution says and freedoms to kind of express yourself one what or the other."

Allen added:

"I think we’re in a time where that’s getting a lot harder to do... I don’t know. Everybody should have that choice. Whether you think you should do it or shouldn’t do it...that’s your own beliefs and... if you want to do it to protect you and your it."

Allen will be entering the fourth year of his NFL career, coming off a breakout season where he was a finalist for the 2020 league MVP.

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