The NFL season may end after Sunday's Super Bowl, between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, but as we know by now, the NFL content is a 365 day a year thing.

There's always news regarding the National Football League. From the season to the scouting combine, and from free agency to the draft, there is always something going on in the NFL.

One thing that takes place every year, is the NFL asks its players to submit a list of who they think are the best players in the league. Those top 20 lists are all compiled, and then, the NFL Network counts down the top 100 players during the summer, one by one.

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It's been a fun thing the league has recently been doing, but on Tuesday, the NFL's social media account for NFL Films, decided to showcase three voting cards from anonymous players, and well, let's just say there was plenty of outrage from Buffalo Bills fans.

Out of the three voting cards the NFL showed, not a single one had Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, anywhere in the top 20...

That's beyond absurd. After what Allen did in the postseason, against the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs (the league's first-ever perfect game, and 9 touchdowns to 0 turnovers in the playoffs), and the fact he's put up the numbers passing and throwing in the past two seasons, this is ridiculous.

Not only that, but Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, wasn't even included on one of these rankings, and was not in the top 5 of any of them. The top 10 for these lists are also NFC heavy, which leads me to believe these players are from the NFC, and more specifically, the NFC West division.

Not having Josh Allen on there is mind-boggling. Bills fans invaded the thread to let them know how they felt.

My favorite part about the thread are people who clearly didn't watch Allen play this season, say stuff such as "he was too inconsistent" (which is clearly not true, by the way), and Bills fans responding to every single one.

You can't convince me this wasn't done on purpose. Good job, NFL, I guess, cause it worked...

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