Earlier this week, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen played some golf with some of the best quarterbacks in the league.  Here are some of the best pictures.

Wednesday night, the world got a better look at Josh Allen when he teamed up with Patrick Mahomes (from the Kansas City Chiefs) to take on Tom Brady (from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Aaron Rodgers (from the Green Bay Packers) in a golf match that they simply dubbed "The Match."  They got to see that not only is Allen really good at football, but he's also a pretty dang good athlete. Allen and Mahomes were literally centimeters away from winning the whole thing.

Buffalo loves this guy for a lot of reasons.  First and foremost, he's given the Bills their best chance of winning since the Kelly era.  But after that, he's done everything right since he's been here.  He gives back to the community.  He never says anything bad about our city, and he's hilarious.  There's a lot to love.  He's even got guys swooning over him.

And I guess some would say he's pretty good-looking.  I've never gotten my wife to watch as much football as she has since 2018.  And as much as I wish it was because she's just really starting to love the game, I know better.

It was really cool to see him team up with one of our biggest rivals to take on a guy who has been a thorn in the side of Buffalo since he came into the league.  Even people who really don't like golf were watching just hoping one more time that Tom Brady would finally find his match in our quarterback.

Sadly, that didn't happen.  Brady and Rodgers were able to squeak out a win...again.  We can hate it all day, but there's a reason why they call Brady the GOAT.  He's very good at everything he does.

If you missed "The Match" here are a couple pictures of QB1 doing what he does.

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