The Buffalo Bills are officially back in game action tomorrow. They host the Indianapolis Colts at Highmark Stadium on Saturday afternoon. It's the only home preseason game for the Bills in 2023.

As for off-the-field news, everyone in Western New York is going crazy over the latest edition of the Fisher Price "Little People," which are small children's toys that are Bills themed. They sold out fast last August and for this year, there were lines before Wegmans opened on Friday, in order to buy them.

Bills mania is at an all-time high at local Wegmans and there's also another Bills-themed thing that you may want to bring home.

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There's apparently a Josh Allen designed, reusable bag at Wegmans...this is something you have to shop with now.

This would be something people would go to Wegmans for. Anything Josh Allen themed is a coveted item and since many people go to Wegmans for weekly groceries, it's also something you know you will use all the time.

The Bills don't play a regular season game until September 11th, which is Monday Night Football at the New York Jets. After tomorrow, they won't play again at Highmark Stadium until September 17th. Two straight road preseason games, then a road Monday night game to open the regular season. There's also a bye week between the last preseason game and week 1.

Basically, enjoy the Bills tomorrow at Highmark Stadium because we won't see them play there again for over a month.

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