There is a ton of money involved in card collecting...and selling.  Recently, a Josh Allen rookie card sold for an incredible amount.

When we were kids, a lot of us just collected cards to see if we could get a complete collection.  Whether it was for an entire team or an entire season of one brand, we would open pack after pack to see who we could get.

Some people would go through and order an entire season at a time.  You'd get a full box with every single card that was included in that set.  I did that a couple times as a kid and now I'm thinking I should look through some of those old boxes to see how much they might be worth.

Josh Allen has quickly become one of the most talked-about players in the NFL.  There are still some people who doubt his skills, but most can see that he is one of the biggest stars in the league.  His value is going up not only on the field but also in the collector's market.

On Saturday, a Josh Allen rookie card sold for $312,000.  That's the most a Josh Allen card has ever been sold for.

That's one card...and yes, there's a good possibility that is more than a lot of people paid for their house.  For some, it's more than their house and their cars combined!

The auction took place through Goldin Auctions and the card was a "2018 Panini National Treasures "Rookie Patch Autographs" Holo Gold #163 Josh Allen Signed Patch Rookie Card (#03/10) - PSA GEM MT 10, PSA/DNA 10"

And for those who still like to compare Allen to Patrick Mahomes, there was a Mahomes card in this auction too.  How much did it sell for? $181,200.

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