Professional athletes are idols. They are looked up to by kids and also hold a special place in the hearts of sports fans in the city they play in, and elsewhere around the country.

Here in Buffalo, there is no bigger superstar than Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen. He's not just the most popular athlete in Western New York, but he's also arguably the most popular person in the region at the moment.

For good reason; the Bills have made the playoffs three consecutive seasons, and back-to-back AFC East titles under Allen. They've registered at least 10 wins every year since 2019, and Allen solidified himself as one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the NFL, after his two amazing performances in the 2021 NFL postseason.

What makes Josh so likable, other than his on-field performance, is his relatability off the field. He's a fun follow on social media, and even though he isn't overly active on apps like Twitter and Instagram, he's very entertaining when he is on there.

Fans love when athletes and other celebrities show their lighter and emotional sides on social media. It shows they're people just like you or I, and it's easy to forget that it's not all about what happens on the field.

Check out some of Allen's most memorable Tweets (and one hilarious Instagram post) from the past year.

This next one was because of the Cincinnati Bengals losing the overtime coin toss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, which also happened to the Bills, and prevented Allen getting the ball at all in OT.

And of course, the best one of all, after the Bills beat the Chiefs in October on Sunday Night Football...

We love you, Josh.

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