Josh Allen throws up before every game.  But why?  He's one of the best in the league!  He explained it recently and it's not just nerves.

There's no question that Josh Allen is one of the best in the game these days.  He's constantly being talked about with some of the biggest names in football.  So what does he have to be worried about?

It's not just nerves.  He explained to Von Miller why he decided to make the decision to throw up before games on his podcast recently.

At this point, he admits that it's mostly due to superstitions.  He's a creature of habit and it's something that he feels works for him and makes him feel better during the games.  He first noticed it back when he was playing in Wyoming and he would get a gagging sensation while he was playing.  In order to avoid that feeling, he just empties the tank before hitting the field.

Now let me say to anyone out there reading this post, it's not a healthy thing to force yourself to throw up on command.  Do not get into the habit of doing this on a daily basis.  Josh Allen is constantly monitored by professionals who are incredibly invested in making sure that he is healthy each and every week.

The craziest thing about that video to me is that he's got people who do it with him.  Like...they all get together and throw up at the same time?  Gametime rituals are strange...but if they work and they aren't harmful...

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