The Buffalo Bills season is over, but if you have followed the NFL long enough, you know it's a 365 day season, filled with interest on and off the field.

Josh Allen is a superstar quarterback -- there's no debate about it anymore. He had arguably the greatest two-game stretch of any quarterback in NFL playoff history, with his performances against the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

Allen is basically a rock star off the field in Western New York. The Buffalo community loves the Bills and have been waiting for a franchise quarterback since Jim Kelly retired in 1997.

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Josh has also accustomed himself to Buffalo traditions. Like making sure he goes to the right places to get his wings.

Allen was a guest with Steve Mariucci on The NFL Network last weekend, ahead of the AFC Divisional Round game against the Chiefs, and in between the talk of football and X's and O's, Mariucci asked Josh what they were doing if they had one night out together in Buffalo?

Allen's first answer was to get wings -- at Bar-Bill Tavern, and make the cajun honey BBQ.

Josh also said to get some hot, and make sure to get some blue cheese in there as well.

That's about as Buffalo as you can get. Josh has said before his favorite wings are at Bar-Bill, so that's not a surprise, but it's awesome he made sure to tell Mariucci the flavors and making sure blue cheese is part of it.

Josh Allen was made for Buffalo.

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