It's hard to not get excited about the Buffalo Bills. They seem to be on a roll and it's due in large part to the play of their quarterback - Josh Allen.

The Bills have quietly gone from a team that many people used to laugh at and think was a joke to a team that other teams hate to see on their schedule.

They're 9-3 this year after losses only to the Kansas City Chiefs (who are tied right now for the best record in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers), the Tennessee Titans, and the Arizona Cardinals.

He was a big question mark when he was drafted. Would he be able to fix his accuracy issues? Does he have what it takes to play against actual NFL teams? Is he good enough to play in the NFL? He was called a project quarterback by many.

He's answered yes to all of those questions.

At this point in the season, his accuracy averages around 70% (69.86%).  It's enough to be fourth in the NFL in accuracy. And he's incredibly fun to watch.

This past week he shined on Monday Night Football.  It's a place where the Bills have struggled to win over the last 20 years. As a matter of fact, they hadn't won on Monday Night Football since 1999 when Doug Flutie was under center (yes...I know that they won on a Monday night against the Jets in a game that had to be rescheduled for a Monday night...but it wasn't technically dubbed or scheduled as a "Monday Night Football" game).

Allen came out and threw for 375 yards and four touchdowns with 80% of his passes being completed. Something that no quarterback has done in Buffalo since the Jim Kelly days.

He's been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week...again.  This is his third time winning the honor this season.

The Bills will be coming home now to take on the 11-1 Pittsburg Steelers on Sunday Night Football this week.

Let's go Bills!!


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