Are you ready for some football??  Some Buffalo Bills football!!  I sure as heck am.  With all of the hype surrounding the “new and improved” defense…who wouldn’t be?

Earlier in the year, when Buffalo’s schedule was released, I made predictions as to how the Bills would do.  I had them at 10-6 (at best)…8-8 (expected).  After doing a little more research and watching the preseason games, I have made a 2nd round of predictions.  Check ‘em…..

@New York Jets- The Jets have a weak QB, weak WR’s and an okay RB.  The Bills should be able to win this one, but I have this funny feeling that we won’t.  LOSS  ……………..Earlier prediction-LOSS

v.s. Kansas City- If the Bills lose the season opener, they come back with a strong game against the Chiefs.  Bills win in front of a sold out stadium at the Ralph.  WIN………Earlier prediction- WIN

@ Cleveland- Cleveland is supposed to really stink this year, but you never know.  They have a 28 or something-year old QB, unproven WR’s and a suspect defense.  Bills win!  WIN…..Earlier prediction- WIN

v.s. New England- I’d love for this game to be the match where Brady gets rocked by Mario Williams and has to nurse an injury til week 12, but wishing harm on another person for an unjust reason, or any reason for that matter, is just wrong! NE is hi-powered.  They just might roll us here.  LOSS…..Earlier prediction….LOSS

@SanFran- SF was good last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  They’ve bolstered the offense, so I’m giving this one to the 49’ers.  LOSS….Earlier prediction-LOSS

@Arizona- This poor team has question marks all over the place except WR.  With that said, the Cardinals still put up a good fight at home.  Buffalo will have to work hard for this one.  Bills squeak by Arizona.  WIN…..Earlier prediction-WIN

v.s. Tennessee- Rookie QB, heck of a RB,….and the Bills want to go into the Bye week on a positive note.  Bills win at home.  WIN….Earlier prediction..WIN!

@ Houston- LOSS- Texans are firing on all cylinders – I think??  Earlier prediction –LOSS

@New England-Sorry to say it Bills fans, I think New England gets us twice this year.  LOSS./……….Earlier prediction- WIN

v.s.Miami- Miami is supposed to be at the bottom of the AFC East.  Bills squish the fish.  WIN….Earlier prediction- WIN

@ Indianapolis- Indy has the golden child QB in Andrew Luck, but I think he needs some time to really be a “field general”, who can dissect a team.  Bills win! …Earlier prediction…….WIN

v.s. Jacksonville- Jacksonville has some internal problems with the running back position, an experienced QB and unproven WR’s.  Bills roll the Jags.  WIN,…….Earlier prediction…WIN

v.s. St. Louis- Bills face another team that is in the growing phase, rebuilding phase.  This team, although it has a franchise QB, is still a work in progress. Bills WIN.  Earlier prediction…….WIN

v.s. Seattle-  Seattle stinks on the road and I don’t expect anything to change.  .  Bills bring it!! WIN…..Earlier prediction…….LOSS

@ Miami- Bills are a better team than Miami and prove it twice this year.  WIN…..Earlier prediction……LOSS

v.s. New York Jets- Jets come marching into the Ralph and get smacked down by the Bills, in an end of the season revenge game.  Bills WIN…Earlier prediction…..WIN


FINAL PREDICTION- 11-5…and that’s being generous and thinking positively!


EARLIER PREDICTION- between 8-8 and 10-6


Looks like someone has high hopes!!  :)