Julianne Hough has a new job and she just may now be the "jack of all trades".

Julianne has been everywhere including... tv on Dancing with the Stars and in commercials for Proactiv and Juicy Fruit gum, country radio with her songs "My Hallelujah Song" and "That Song In My Head" and she will soon be on the big screen in a new movie with Tom Cruise!

The movie will be called "Rock Of Ages" Tom Cruise will play a rocker named Stacee Jaxx and Julianne Hough's character Sherrie catches his eye when she moves to Hollywood in search of fame. The director of the movie says that Julianne was outstanding in the audition for the movie. The director of Rock Of Ages also said that tom Cruise will suprise people with his rock star roll.

Read more about Julianne and her new job HERE.

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