Did someone say ice cream??  Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough...those are my favorites.  July is "National Ice Cream Month" and because of that, I've decided to provide you with a bunch of fun facts about the ice cold creamy delicious treat.  As expected, Americans consume more ice cream than any other nation.  Vanilla ice cream is the most commonly ordered flavor.  I bet you didn't know that vanilla ice cream was part of the meal given to.....immigrants as they came through Ellis Island.  It was part of their "Welcome to America" meal.


-New York city was home to the first ice cream parlor in the U.S.  That was back in 1776!!

-According to a Harris Poll....the #1 topping is hot fudge (57%) followed by chopped nuts (43%)

-The state of California produces the most ice cream.....#2-Indiana  #3-Ohio!

-Sunday is the most popular day for ice cream sales.

(Radio Online)

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