Is it a drive-in or a drive-thru?  There's a difference.  A drive-in restaurant is one where you drive into a restaurant parking lot and someone comes out to take your order, then delivers your food to our car.  Sonic is the best example of that in this area.  Elsewhere, others include A & W, Big Boy, Circus Drive-In and Swenson's.

A drive-thru is a restaurant where customers stop at one or more windows to order, pay and receive their food.  I think that would be the more appropriate term for Just Pizza's newest location in the Town of Tonawanda.  It's the local pizza chain's first drive-thru.

Located in the Colvin-Eggert plaza, it replaces the one that had been on Division Street in North Tonawanda.  And this one is hard to miss.  It's right across from the I-290 eastbound exit ramp to Colvin Blvd.

The building had been a bank and a donut shop and neither of them seemed to do very well.  Here's hoping Just Pizza has better luck.

By the way, the drive-thru is for pizza slices and beverages only

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