Kane Brown's "One Mississippi" was a particularly life-changing song for co-writer, Levon Gray. After the Alabama native tagged Brown in an Instagram Story, the country star invited him to Nashville to co-write; Brown was so impressed, he not only cut the song, he signed Gray to his Verse 2 Music.

Brown and Gray co-wrote "One Mississippi" with Jesse Frasure and Ernest Keith Smith, but to hear Brown tell it, Gray did much of the heavy lifting. Below, the singer shares the story behind the song, in his own words.

This song is very special to me just because I got to sign a new writer off of it. This is the first single that we worked on together.

His name's Levon Gray, from Alabama. He tagged me in an Instagram Story, and I saw it, brought him up. We wrote a song — he brought the title and the meaning behind it, and this was his first cut with me ... So, thank you, Levon.

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