This is Buffalo.

We are hype town. For crying out loud, we line the streets and wait an hour for a 3 dollar hot dog on hot dog day.

We are the only city who celebrates a fake holiday with pussy willows and squirt guns and legit people take off of work for it.

We hear Bradley Cooper is in town and immediately people leave their houses and go out on a hunt.

When we have ANY TV Show or movie even mention the word Western New York--it seems like the coolest thing in the world.

We are a hype town. We are proud of our city and when people recognize the City of Good Neighbors.

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**Insert Kanye West.

Kanye was getting off of a plane the other day and he was wearing a SUNY Brockport hoodie. So, naturally, we are all wondering how he got the hoodie and what the connection is. Obviously, Kanye West was flirting with politics and was involved with running for the Presidency and he had a 'rant' before decided he was going to 'stick to music'.

SUNY Brockport officials said this yesterday on Monday:

SUNY Brockport in no way endorses Mr. West’s political views or his recent culturally inaccurate and inappropriate comments. In this particular case, we do think he made an excellent wardrobe choice. It’s not every day that a major celebrity wears Brockport gear and our social media team wanted to share it with our community.”

Fun Fact: There's a connection to country music with Kanye! Country music singer Mickey Guyton's brother in law is in Kanye's band.

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