Kathy Hochul has been the Governor of the State of New York for just over two weeks and she's already been making very important decisions regarding how to combat COVID-19, including the much-talked-about Delta Variant.

You may have heard in recent days but there is a deadline for many New York residents who work for the state, are healthcare workers, or are currently enrolled in a SUNY or CUNY school.

Today, Hochul held a press conference where she addressed COVID-19 and the new set of deadlines for vaccine mandates.

Hochul announced that those who are state workers, PTA, and port authority workers must get the vaccine by October 12th, or they can have the option to be tested weekly.

For those who are healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, home care agencies, and adult care facilities, they must be vaccinated by a deadline or risk losing his or her job.

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For hospitals and nursing home workers, the deadline is September 27th. For those in hospices, home care agencies, and adult care facilities, the deadline is October 12th.

SUNY and CUNY students with an on-campus presence must be vaccinated by September 27th.

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This was pushed back from a previous earlier date.

Hochul also talked about the new "Mu" variant of COVID-19. The Governor said that it's no cause for immediate concern as fewer than 0.5 percent of COVID-19 cases are the Mu variant.

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