Fans are urging Kenny Chesney to buy this bar from a Western New York family.

Chesney's favorite bar in the world is this bar called the Quiet Mon Pub in St. John. Steve Krall, who owned the bar with his wife, moved down to St. John years ago. The rest of his family was living still in Tonawanda, New York.

Krall passed away and now, it sounds like the Quiet Mon is shutting down. Chesney took to social media to announce his 'goodbye' to the Quiet Mon.

Thanks to the Quiet Mon for welcoming me home after every summer tour, for allowing me to turn the pages of my life in so many ways, and for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful island family that was the Quiet Mon pub", Kenny wrote on Facebook.

Now, fans are urging Chesney to buy the bar. Of course, there's always a Buffalo connection. If he bought it, he would own a bar that was formerly ran by a Buffalo family. (Of course, one of the most infamous moments in country music is when Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney got arrested in Buffalo, as well.)

Kenny Chesney is hitting the road in 2024 and as of right now, only doing stadiums throughout the summer months.

There's always a Buffalo connection. We say it all the time. Country music especially always seems to have a Buffalo connection. There are quite a few stars who have managers or people on their team from Buffalo, New York--including Walker Hayes, Maren Morris, Jason Aldean, George Birge and more.

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