What do you do if there is a species of fish that are invading your waters and don't really have many natural predators?  You fish them out of there.

And in Kentucky, they've found that it's much faster to get them all out at one time.

They're dealing with an invasive species called Asian Carp.  You may have seen videos of them before.  They're the fish that jump out of the water when boats pass over them in the water because they don't like the vibration that the motors create in the water.

Because there aren't many natural predators in the water where these fish swim, they've had to remove many of them at a time.  That's where Electrofishing comes in.

It's a method that involves adding an electrical current to the water.

The video above was taken at a dam called Barkley dam in Kentucky.

The current gets the fish to jump and even stuns them.  They can then be pulled from the water easier for removal or to count the population in a particular area.

Nothing like shooting fish in a barrel right?

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