We're still about two and a half months away from the official start of summertime here in New York State, and while spring is taking its sweet time sticking for good (thanks Old Man Winter), summer is a different story.

Once we hit mid-to-late May, that's when the warm weather is here for good. I have friends who live in the south and they are always shocked to find out when first visiting New York, just how beautiful it is. No, it is not the bustling city of New York City that you think of. Most of the state is countryside, farmland, mountains, and water that make it gorgeous.

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Places like New York City and Lake Placid are common destination spots for people visiting New York State, but one place that is also popular are The Finger Lakes.

Nestled in central New York, The Finger Lakes region is one of the most underrated vacation destinations in the country. I've been to most of the lakes by now and while I love them all, one for me stands out and is the most underrated place for vacation in New York State.

Keuka Lake.

Keuka Lake is the Finger Lake that is shaped like a wishbone and sits next to Seneca Lake, which is bigger and hosts Watkins Glen.

Unlike Seneca Lake or Skaneateles Lake, which are larger, Keuka is just big enough to be beautiful and spacious, but also less frills than other spots in The Finger Lakes. I have a friend who is getting married at Keuka Lake this summer and he picked it because of how much he loves that spot.

It's my favorite lake in the state as well and never gets enough credit when referencing The Finger Lakes, let alone vacation spots in the state.

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