Ever since Terry and Kim Pegula took over control of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres they have tried to unify fans in Western New York under the "One Buffalo" umbrella.

That is why many fans of the Bills and Sabres were shocked by comments she made to an ESPN reporter on Friday.

Kim Pegula is the president of Pegula Sports and Entertainment which owns both the Bills and Sabres and you would think that she would know how passionate bills and Sabres fans are and that they are usually the same person.

Growing up here in West Seneca, I spent most of my life rooting on the Bills and Sabres. Sure the Bills are getting lots of love lately. It is because FINALLY they are winning again.

The Pegulas' didn't own the Sabres back in the 1990s when the team made the run to the Stanely Cup. They also haven't found the right mix of management and coaching for the Sabres as they have for the Bills. But the fans are still here.

Tons of fans of both teams responded to Greg Wyshynski's Tweet.

I am don't know what Mrs Pegula's intention was with that statement, but it seems to have brought together both Bills and Sabres fans...so maybe it was just a clever ploy...or more likely a boss who is sick of people bashing her hockey team.


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