It's always cool when Buffalo gets a shout-out on national TV. Last night it was when Buffalo native Cami Clute performed during the blind auditions on NBC's The Voice (and turned all four chairs, by the way), and tonight it was Kleinhans Music Hall.

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According to WIVB, Kleinhans was the source of a question on Jeopardy! on Wednesday night.

The question was:

“Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, N.Y. was designed by these father and son Finnish architects, Eliel and Eero”.

The answer? Saarinen.

Contestant Cole knew the answer immediately, too; that's always a plus.

Kleinhans, who doesn't post too often on social media, mentioned the shout-out on Wednesday night as well. You can see their reaction here.

You can watch the Kleinhans question below.

This isn't the first time that Buffalo has been mentioned on Jeopardy! either. Turns out, Western New York has been mentioned a few times on the popular game show.

You can check out the previous Buffalo mentions on Jeopardy below!

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