Wednesday, January 11th was a great day. That's because Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was officially discharged from Buffalo General Hospital, which means that he returned home and will be in the care of the Bills.

Hamlin collapsed from cardiac arrest last Monday night, during the Bills and Bengals game in Cincinnati. Hamlin's heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

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Hamlin's condition in critical condition and those first 24-48 hours were uncertain. However, Hamlin ended up making such remarkable progress that he was eventually transferred home to Buffalo General Hospital the following Monday and now we know he will be okay.

Bills athletic trainer Denny Kellington was the one who performed CPR on Hamlin on the field and the medical staff also helped save Hamlin's life.

However, Bills general manager Brandon Beane wants people to know the name of Kori Reblin.

Reblin is on the Bills equipment staff and he had to unscrew and remove Hamlin's facemask after he collapsed on the field in Cincinnati.

Doctors at UCMC told reporters that it was fair to say that if things had waited an extra few minutes or even extra seconds, that there would have been a different outcome.

Reblin's quick actions should not go unnoticed.

Hopefully, Hamlin can continue his career at some point. He's on injured reserve and he likely won't be back this postseason.

The fact Hamlin is with us and this story had a happy ending is everything.

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