It was a fun Monday Night Football broadcast last night. Not because of the game, which was a 20-17 win by the Kansas City Chiefs over the New York Giants.

But Bills fans had their eyes on the Manning Cast, which is a more fun and relaxed interview-style broadcast of the Monday Night Football game on ESPN2. Peyton and Eli Manning have four different guests every week, and Bills quarterback Josh Allen was the guest during the third quarter of last night's game.

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Allen was a great listen, as he talked about Peyton's son having Josh's jersey for flag football, the fact that he was Phil Mickelson for Halloween (and his hate for Halloween), plus when Allen and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes were at Peyton's Masters party and the fact they both drank all the beer.

Allen said that "we had a bunch of blue lights."

I want to know how many viewers nowhere near Western New York and Canada, shaking their head in confusion because they don't know what a blue light even is!

When I went down to Nashville for the Bills-Titans game two weeks ago, they did not have blue light anywhere, and the bartender at one bar didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for one!

Josh was a great guest on the Manning Cast and now, the focus will switch to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which will be the Bills opponent this Sunday in Jacksonville at 1 pm.

The Bills are 5-2 and atop the AFC East standings.

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