The summer vibes are in full swing across Western New York. This is the time of year that people are enjoying weekends with friends, taking vacations and trying to enjoy the weather that we will only have for another 2-3 months.

Buffalo is one of the best places in the country for craft beer and locally-brewed breweries.

The most popular inexpensive beer in Western New York is Labatt Blue. The Canadian-based beer is now a staple at bars and restaurants in Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs.

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Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light are the most popular, but Labatt also came out with seltzers, which have been a hit. Now, they add hard ice tea to their list of also has a major Bills theme that will make Buffalonians wish for the red helmets to return.

Labatt Blue Light announced on Monday their new product, which is called "Throwback Tea."

It's a raspberry hard iced tea that is 5% ABV. It's also Bills-themed.

The red helmets are displayed prominently on the case packaging.

Could this mean that the Bills will soon revert back to the red helmets? Or at least make the red helmets their alternate look, which would be similar to their standing Buffalo helmets and powder blue jerseys in the mid-2000s.

This could just be because it's a throwback iced tea, but Dawson Knox and Greg Rousseau posted that Labatt Blue Light shipped them red helmets with the new product on their Instagram stories last week.

We have to wait and see. The Labatt Blue Light hard iced teas are available in Western New York, only.

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