The summer-like weather is officially over by Thursday night, as a massive cold front will sweep through Western New York late tonight and on Friday morning.

Heavy rain and colder temperatures will be the story on Friday, with temperatures not escaping the 50's for the next 7-10 days. It's going to feel like late October or even early November for a while, after above average temperatures the last several days across the region.

El Nino is going to make the winter very unique in some ways. According to forecasters, El Nino's presence will cause a greater chance for nor'easters this winter, along with the bigger threat of snowstorms in general for much of the east coast and northeast.

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As for Buffalo, there's both good and bad news in terms of the weather this winter.

AccuWeather says that we will not see what we saw last year in Buffalo. That means no six-feet of snow in one sitting, and no historic blizzard the week of Christmas. That's not to say that we won't see huge snowstorms, but forecasters are confident that won't happen again this year.

However, AccuWeather says that those who live downwind of Great Lakes (Buffalo), can expect bouts of lake effect snow systems in autumn -- late autumn to be exact, which would be early December and roughly two months away for those in Western New York.

El Nino could make this winter slightly warmer than normal, but should overall see slightly less snow than an average year. However, that does not mean we won't see lake effect snow systems.

We can still expect that early in the season. Be prepared.

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