This is definitely that time of the year where you're not really sure what you're going to get, when it comes to the weather. It's not going to be 70 degrees or anything like that, but one day it could be 50 degrees, and the next could be 30 degrees with snow showers.

Luckily for Buffalo and Western New York, the weather forecast looks decent for Thanksgiving Day, albeit a bit on the wet side.

Light rain showers for Thursday, especially mid-to-late afternoon for Western New York, per WIVB 4 Weather.

Friday we will see colder temperatures and some lake effect snow well south and northeast of the Buffalo metro, with more scattered snow showers later in the day on Sunday, which will also be on the chilly side.

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However, next week is something to keep an eye on.

Mike Cejka of WIVB says that they are watching clipper systems next week, which will produce some snow for Western New York, and could produce more lake effect snow that could actually impact the metro this time, which has been spared from the lake effect snow so far.

As of now, it appears that Tuesday and Wednesday will be the days we have to watch for potential lake effect snow.

How much snow is coming our way? It's too early to tell for sure, but chances are we will know more by the weekend. Late November and December usually give us a greater chance for lake effect snow, since Lake Erie is warmer and hasn't even come close to freezing.

Now to find that shovel before it's too late.

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