It's amazing to see a community coming together to help people in need. Most times, people don't even personally know the people they are helping.

Over the weekend, one woman got out 4 kids of the house after a Christmas Tree started the fire that engulfed the entire house. The woman said that the kids smelled smoke and when she opened up the door, it was starting to become engulfed. She got the kids out and then went back for the pets.

According to the GoFundMe that the woman's sister put up:

My sister, her 2 sons, and 2 granddaughters lost their home last night in a devastating fire.
The house is a total loss.
Peggy has a severely autistic son who needs sensory calming tactics. All of his equipment for such was los .
2 days before Christmas and everything is gone.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

It's the time of giving and for those that wish to help you can donate below.

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