By now everyone should know to wear a face mask while out and about.

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Especially in situations where you can't maintain six feet of distance between you and another person, a mask becomes your best line of defense against catching and spreading COVID-19.

Those situations happen every time you need to see a cashier, seeing as most people don't have a six foot arm-length, and so a gas station employee took to the Nextdoor app to talk about their experience when asking a customer to put on a mask.

The story was not one of those "feel good" and "coming together" ones.

The gas station employee begins by pleading with people to understand enforcing masks is their job.

"The amount of abuse, harrassment [sic], and disrespect i have received due to me trying to enforce this policy (because it's my JOB) is insane," writes the author.

They go on to explain some customers have said not wearing a mask is their right, and that the workers can't make them put one on.

The author's frustration is tangible, as they describe what they've experienced in the store:

"don't complain about how stuffy the mask is and how much this is "b*llshit." you have to wear it for one or two minutes; i have to wear it all 8 hours of my shift. i have asthma and i still do it. you can too.

don't shout at me. don't go into rants about our governor. don't ramble about your conspiracy theories about how it's all a hoax. don't call me names and slurs and cuss at me under your breath."

The author makes a final plea for kindness and understanding:

"I'm just a human being, like you, trying to enforce a policy for everyone's safety, because it's my job. that's all. im a HUMAN BEING. please treat me like one."

Seeing a post like this made me even more sad than the news does on a regular basis -- let’s live up to Western New York’s reputation as the City of Good Neighbors. Put on a mask.



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