There's no question that Top Petty is one of the biggest rock icons of his time.  I regret that I've never seen him in concert.  So what was the last concert he had in Buffalo like?I like all kinds of music and truthfully it could be argued that some of Tom Petty's hits from back in the day could fit right in on today's country radio.  They're some of the funnest songs to come out of speakers.  They just make you feel good to hear them.

Who doesn't remember this scene from "Jerry McGuire?"


Not including the time in 2014 when Petty played at Darien Lake, the last time he was in Buffalo or it's suburbs was in 1986 when he played what was called Rich Stadium in Orchard Park.

According to, it looked like this...

Wait...he only did 8 songs?

Kind of.  It looks like Tom Petty was one of the opening bands that day.  It was a concert that included Bob Dylan playing with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  They were the openers for The Grateful Dead.

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