On Monday (July 23), we took a poll asking if you thought that Nik Wallenda still needed to pay the extra $25,000 that Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster says he owes the city. The majority of you said that he should pay, but it was a close race. Forty-seven percent of the people who responded said that they should just drop it, and now Niagara Falls lawmakers seem to agree.

In the continuing saga of Nik Wallenda versus The City of Niagara Falls, city lawmakers are telling Mayor Paul Dyster that he should take the gloves off and walk away from the fight.

According to The Buffalo News, four councilmen have asked the mayor not to try to collect on the $25,000 bill that Nik Wallenda allegedly left behind.

"We look like a bunch of idiots to the world because of 25 grand," said Council Chairman Sam Fruscione. "By waiving the fee, it shows we're open to do real business, not collecting a bucket of pennies."

One such business that they speak of is an attraction that Nik Wallenda talked about opening up on the American side of the Falls.  Since the verbal altercation with Mayor Dyster, however, Wallenda has had second thoughts about the location.

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