They've been a small operation from the beginning, but now they're about to get bigger with a move from their home on Oakwood Ave in East Aurora.

The good news is that they aren't leaving East Aurora.  You're still going to be able to get your Southern California-inspired Mexican foods.  They'll just be coming from a new place.

According to the Buffalo News, they're moving from the Oakwood Plaza on Oakwood Ave to a new location at 54 Elm St.

And they're getting bigger!  They're currently in a 1200 square foot restaurant that only allows for eight customers to sit inside the restaurant.  They've got additional space outside, but there are only seats for 4 more there.

The new location will seat as many people at their bar as they used to be able to fit in their entire restaurant at the origial location.  They'll be able to seat 12 people at the bar, around 16-20 seats inside and some space for outdoor dining.

Aside from the extra space for guests to sit, they're also hoping to have a bar available for their patrons too.  It would focus on drinks like margaritas, Buffalo-brewed craft beers and classic Mexican brews.

With the news of so many restaurants struggling and closing down in the wake of the pandemic, it's really encouraging to see one that is growing instead.  It's always good news to hear of a local business that is doing well.

They're hoping to have the new restaurant open by the end of the year and will continue to use the current location until that one is ready to go.


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