There is a new food gem in East Aurora and this time it's in the form of tacos! The owners of Root's Kitchen in 42 North have opened a new take out taco restaurant in the Oakwood Plaza. Left Coast Taco provides the taste and flavors of the west coast, where owner and head chef Nate Root grew up. "The name is a reference is to our roots in Southern California but we also can’t forget where we call home. Not necessarily the west coast but the left Coast...of Lake Erie." says Root.  Tacos are also pretty near and dear to his heart, it's what he loves.

"My family bbq’s have been taco based as far back as I can remember. Either going to the Mexican market in town, or going to Mexico to eat or buy breads and pastries. And as a broke bartender in LA, where I met my wife (and co-owner) Chelsea, that’s all we did, cook tacos. I knew how to cook tacos before culinary school and any job since then so when when we thought about what we want to do and bring to this town it’s what we felt comfortable and natural with. Tacos."

You'll find a variety of tacos on the menu from unique eats like lengua (beef tongue) to staples like chicken. Other items to try include the Cali Fries and their guacamole that has a lighter and tangier taste that goes great with whatever you're putting it on. No matter how adventurous you get everything on the menu is delicious.


Left Coast Taco will officially open today (Tuesday) at 4pm and then will begin normal business hours, Tuesday to Saturday 11-10 and Sunday 11-5.

Left Coast Taco

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