Buffalo is known for a few things.

Unfortunately, number one might be lake effect snow. It's become part of the identity of Western New York, and after the snowstorm in November and blizzard in December of 2022, that stereotype will not be going away anytime soon.

Food is also a thing Buffalo is known for, such as pizza, beef on weck and sponge candy. Chicken wings are number one, though, and always will be.

Some of the best places to get wings include Bar-Bill Tavern, Elmos, The Nine-Eleven Tavern, Wingnutz, Mammoser's, Gabriel's Gate, Sonny Red's and Duff's.

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Another popular place for wings has been The Lenox Grill.

Located in Allentown, Lenox Grill has been serving up amazing food, including wings for years. Unfortunately, they will not be serving wings after August 31st.

According to their Facebook page, Lenox Grill will close at the end of the month. Their last day of business will be Thursday, August 31st.

They thanked their customers for years of business.

No reason has been given for the closure, but Lenox Grill has followed a long list of popular Buffalo restaurants which have closed since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020.

Lenox Grill has been one of those places that may not be considered in the top five places for wings in Western New York, but they are solidly in the next tier of great wing places. They have many loyal customers and this news is devastating for them.

It's awful to see great places close unexpectedly like this. Please, stop into Lenox Grill over the next two weeks to have yourself some great wings and other dishes.

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