The other day while traveling down the 400 (East Aurora Expressway) I observed a New York State Trooper car with it's lights flashing having just pulled over a motorist. I was so pleasantly surprised to see all the vehicles in front of me slow down and immediately pull over in to the other lane as is required by law and of course is just plain common sense.

 As someone who works in law enforcement I immediately thought of Trooper Kevin Dobson who less than a month ago was killed on the 290 by a driver who apparently had been blinded momentarily by the rising sun. I wondered how many of those drivers in front of me had also thought of this courageous lawman who died so tragically in the line of duty. I post this tribute to to Kevin, whom I had the pleasure of meeting once. I also do know his wonderful family quite well. I would hope that my experience would once again remind his loving family, friends and fellow law enforcement brothers and sisters that his death was not in vain. Perhaps the terrible accident that took the life of Kevin will save the lives of others who each and every day put their life on the line to serve and protect. Rest in peace Kevin.

(By the way, in the video that is me leading Cowboy, the "Riderless Horse", along with my fellow Mounted Deputies from the Erie County Sheriff's Office at his funeral)