Halloween is coming up this Sunday and since the holiday is on the weekend there will be plenty of people heading out to parties on Saturday night.

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If you are heading out and still stumped on what costume you should wear, you got to check out this costume that Buffalo Bills player Levi Wallace was rocking.

The costume is a throwback to one of the best TV sitcom characters of the late '80s and early '90s. If you grew up during that time the phrase "Did I Do That?" rings in your head with that familiar high pitch voice of Steve Urkel.

Wallace seemed to embrace his inner nerd when he donned the polo shirt, high-waisted jeans, sweater jacket, and of course the famous suspenders.

Check out this pic that was posted on Twitter of Wallace along with Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen.

So if you are looking to rock a sweet look this Halloween you should grab some inspiration from the Buffalo Bills and go ahead and rock the look of some superstars from the '90s.

The Bills were having some fun with their Halloween party this past weekend since they had their bye week. It is now back to work, as the Bills are back home this Sunday on Halloween to take on the Miami Dolphins.

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