It’s not unusual for NFL fans to use their cars as a way to show off their fandom. All over the roads of Western New York we see vehicles decked out with stickers, decals, flags and more to proclaim their love for the Buffalo Bills

Some hardcore fans go above and beyond and even get a customized license plate. If you’re willing to spend the money, any registered New York state driver can get a personalized license plate for their car. It costs an extra $60 plus an annual fee of $31.25, but it’s a baller move for a Bills fan. 

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You Can’t Put Anything You Want On A Personalized License Plate In NYS

There’s obviously a catch, though. According to the New York state Department of Motor Vehicles, there’s several restrictions drivers must abide by when it comes to choosing what to put on their custom license plates. 

Personalized plates bearing a plate number that represents a word, phrase, expression, or that has a meaning, connotation or format that the commissioner deems objectionable shall not be issued.”

That’s all fine and dandy. You don’t want drivers to cause any accidents because they were shocked at what a passing license plate said. But here’s a question…

How did someone at the DMV let this license plate slide?

A Western New York Redditor posted a pic of the custom license plate he caught a glimpse of while in traffic. Let’s just say, he was none too pleased.

Obviously not a Buffalo Bills fan, this license plate was customized with a New York Giants helmet. But it wasn’t the picture on the plate that caused the outrage. 

It was the offensive, cruel, and downright upsetting phrase that was written on it.

Still too soon...
by u/mcclure1224 in buffalobills

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Let's take a closer look of this monstrosity of a license plate, shall we?

Closeup of Wide Right NYS License Plate

Come on, driving Giants fan! You’re spending the extra money at the DMV to gloat about a play that happened over twenty years ago? Hey, it’s your money, but that just looks sad and pathetic.

That being said, it still hurts. That was a low blow.

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